Our Services

General Neurology

25 minute appointments for patients with epilepsy or seizures, Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders, headache or facial pain, and balance disturbance.

Dementia Assessment

55 minute appointments for patients who are concerned about their memory, speech or changes in behaviour. Please attend this appointment with a relative, as their perspective is valuable.


55 minute appointments for patients with problems with thinking, mood or behaviour after stroke, head injury, or other brain illnesses. I will also see patients with musical hallucinations and tic disorders.


While a single appointment for assessment is often sufficient to diagnose and treat brain diseases, or to put your mind at ease if my assessment is reassuring, I offer ongoing follow-up, generally in appointments of half the duration of your initial assessment.

Prices for self-pay

My pricing is always transparent:

25 minute General Neurology Initial Assessment with Dr Cope: £275

55 minute Neuropsychiatry Assessment with Dr Cope: £500

55 minute Dementia Assessment with Dr Cope, plus 25 minute cognitive testing session with a specialist nurse: £600

12 minute General Neurology follow-up with Dr Cope: £150

25 minute Neuropsychiatry or Dementia follow-up with Dr Cope: £275

Please note that this is the cost of the assessment, and does not include the cost of any brain imaging,  blood tests or treatment that may be recommended.

Insured patients

For general neurology appointments I accept Axa, Aviva, Cigna and VitalityHealth but NOT Bupa. Those insured by other providers should enquire. 
For neuropsychiatry or dementia assessments, patients insured by Axa will need to ensure that they have pre-authorisation for a neuropsychiatry assessment, and patients insured by Aviva must be aware that they will be invoiced for a co-payment for the longer appointment. Those insured by other providers should enquire.